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ok tatiana here is a cut for you to read.

ok so Bren is irritating the shit out of me. she acts like she has no life and i am her only friend and she constantly feels the need to sall me and invite herself over. like today. she was like i wanna come over. denise is comming home soon so she said she could drive me. and im like dude! i didnt even ask. and shes like well go ask. and then shes like hold on ive got another beep. then she gets back on and shes like that was denise. shes on her way home. im going to bring my project over so you can help me with my cards. and i will help you with your power point. (and i told her earlier that i didnt know if she could come over b/c i gotta clean the house cus laura is comming home from college and her friend from NY came in and shes gonna be here this afternoon.) so when she said that  i was like BREN I HIGHLY DOUBT YOUR COMMING OVER. and shes like why? and im liike CUS I HAVE TO CLEAN AND DO A HOLE BUNCH OF SHIT BEFOR ASHLEY AND LAURA GET HERE.  and  shes like i can help you clean. and im like NO YOU CANT . MOM WONT LET YOU OVER IF MY SHIT ISNT DONE. AND ITS NOT DONE, AND I NO MY MOM BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU DO SO YOUR NOT COMMING OVER. and shes like fine bye. and i was like BYE. and hung up. i didnt mean to blow over the top, but she doesnt even ask and then shes like oh denise said i can come over and she'll drive me. and the times she wants to come over and nobody can drive her, shes like lizzie i want to come over come pick me up. and i hate it because she has like no life and she wont let me live mine without her in it ALL THE FRICKING TIME. and im her best friend and i have other friends like you, and she gets all mad at me when i am going to hang out with you or im talking to you and not her... like shes jealous bc i have friends and she doesnt. like this one time i think it was a friday a while ago, she invited her self to sleep over and i asked my dad and hes like no. so i told her he said no. and then i was like i'll call you back. and then you and maggie come to my door and wanted me to come out and my parents said i could so when i was puttin on my jacket the phone rang and it was bren again. (like five mineuts after i hung up with her the first time) and shes like HI! and im like i cant talk and shes like why? and im like cus im going to hang out with maggie and tatiana. and she was like FINE! even though i was going to sleep over go blow me off. and im was like  YOUR NOT ALLOWED! WHAT PART OF NO DONT YOU UNDERSTAND? and i no pleanty of ppl who would have been my friends, but because i back bren up so much and they dont like bren and she is constantly with me, there not my friends. and im SICK of living in brens shadow. like ppl are like oh thats brens friend. SCUSE ME... LEARN MY DAMN NAME. and yea... there right. im her friend. her ONLY god damn friend. i cant take it any more. and she thinks that she is all big and bad because her boyfriend snuck over to her house and spent the night. (they didnt do anything... and you can never ever repeat that to anyone.) and she kept tellin me about kissing him and shit. and i was like IM BOYCOTTING VALENTINES DAY FOR A REASON DIPSHIT! DONT TELL ME HOW PERFECT YOUR LOVE LIFE IS. i mean come on! im still going out with trey, and i couldnt talk to him for a week cus he got grounded for getting into a fight. and i cant talk to him now cus he did shitty on his report card. and he didnt even call me to tell me, he told bren! and im just so fed up with relationships and bren and valintines day and its skrewing me up so much and i dont even act like my self anymore, i basically hide from ever problem i have. and im sick of everything. thought i could tell you this but your not online.


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